Oil pastel drawing of Dave

Oil pastel drawing of Dave by his awesome wife


Writer. Podcaster. Weirdo.

Dave Pace is a writer and commentator on the genre/cult cinema scene. His work has appeared in the industry-leaders Rue Morgue Magazine and Fangoria Magazine. In 2013 he went rogue and wrote the controversial horror media politics blog La Politique Psychotronique, exposing a series of controversies in the monster mag universe. He was a regular at The Cutting Room Movie Podcast and has appeared on Cinephobia Radio with horror podcast pioneer and Rondo award winner Stuart “Feedback” Andrews.

“Dave is as determined as he is passionate, which shines through in every piece he tackles. He’s a thorough writer with a nose for genre news and we need more like him!”
– Dave Alexander, Editor – Rue Morgue Magazine

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